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Roasted Seaweed

The YM Shredded Seaweed is Premium Gold Grade, made with the same seaweed used for the Half Sheets. Roasted and shredded fresh daily in our NJ factory. Great flavor booster in Poke Bowls, Noodles, Rice, Snacks and more. The YM Brand is used professionally by Sushi Chefs in thousands of Restaurants.

Shredded Topping

100% Made in USA

  • Premium Gold Seaweed

  • Perfect topping for authentic Asian cuisine

  • Flavor booster with natural seaweed umami

  • Unique product with variety use

  • Vegan-friendly, no additives and preservatives

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English          Chris: (551) 500-4491
Chinese        Fiona: (201) 388-8586
Korean       Monica: (201) 401-7331

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