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Roll With It!

How to roll sushi

For visual learners, here is a great tutorial from Kikkoman!: How to: Step by Step Sushi at Home

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Step 1:

Grab your YM Roasted Seaweed and place it on the bamboo mat vertically. Using the Full sheet size is more beginner friendly and offers more control. There is a smooth side and a rough side to the sheet, make sure the rough side is facing up! You can use Cling Wrap over your bamboo mat to help roll, it goes in between the seaweed sheet and the mat.

Tip: Seal your unused seaweed sheets in a ziplock bag to keep them nice and crisp. Adding a teaspoon of uncooked rice will help absorb any moisture too!

Step 2:

Leave 1 inch or so of space at the bottom of the nori and rice. Take your Sushi Rice and spread it gently over the nori. Be sure to wet your fingers in a small bowl of water so that the rice won't stick to you! You should be able to see a bit of the seaweed underneath the rice, almost like looking at lace.

Step 3:

Add your favorite filings such as Sushi grade Salmon, Tuna, or Tempura to the bottom quarter of the nori, horizontally. Make sure not to go over the bottom quarter or it will have a larger center when rolling. Unless you would like more filling.

Step 4:

 Next carefully roll the sushi partially, enough to cover your filling. Gently squeeze the roll to compress the ingredients. Roll the sushi the rest of the way using the bamboo mat until the mat is completely over the sushi, give it another gentle squeeze to round out the roll.

Step 5:

Take your roll and grab a very sharp knife to prepare to slice the roll. When slicing, cut in half first then wipe the knife. You must wipe it every time you use it! Proceed to cut the roll into smaller rolls.

Congrats on making your first Sushi Roll!

Serve with Wasabi, Soy Sauce, Pickled Ginger and top with Sesame Seeds if you’d like.

Need Some recipes to try out? Go to That’s A Wrap!

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