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Our Mission

We strive to bring our customers the best of the best through our dedication to quality control, innovative technology and top tier service with a smile.

Distributing to 40+ states, no matter whether you are a Chef, Local business owner, Entrepreneur or making sushi at home, we give you the opportunity to experience the professional quality of our Roasted Seaweed.

Embrace the pioneer spirit with us at Route66 as we journey with you to create the best dishes!

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About Route66 International

Route 66 was founded in 2016 in New Jersey. In 2018 the YM Roasted Seaweed brand was launched using premium Korean seaweed.

As we worked closely with chefs, we realized that we had to roast seaweed here in the state to provide the best service.

We built a factory from the ground up in 2020, allowing us to cater to our chefs specific needs. Since we roast our seaweed daily in our local factory, our professional chefs appreciate the freshness. Our customers' feedback and recommendations contribute to our innovative process proactively.

Our company only uses A Grade seaweed harvested from Korea; which is well known for its great taste.

We are a highly innovative company focusing on technology specially designed for the consistent quality of our products. Since we introduced YM Seaweed, the company has grown more than 30% each quarter, and is used in thousands of restaurants across the USA.

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Company Organization

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