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 Roasted Seaweed


Used by Sushi Chefs in thousands of restaurants, YM Roasted Seaweed is made fresh in our NJ factory on a daily basis. Made from specially imported Grade A raw material from Korea, it is then parched in three steps. Thorough inspections on each process allows excellent quality control. While the durable vacuum sealed package provides long lasting shelf life.

Full Sheet

100% Made in USA

  • Premium Gold Seaweed

  • Best for Special Rolls and Kimbap

  • Made fresh every day in NJ

  • Perfect balance of Crispiness and Strength

  • 50 Sheets per pouch

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please text or call our specialists today!

English          Chris:  (551) 500-4491
Chinese        Fiona:  (201) 388-8586
Korean       Monica: (201) 401-7331

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