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YM Shredded Seaweed: Review!

Oct 1, 2020 By Jonathan Maeng

I recently had the opportunity to try some of the shredded seaweed I ordered from Route66 International, the first USA nori factory on the East Coast. Although I did not expect much, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality of the seaweed; and how it went along with much of my favorite dishes! The packaging itself came in a neat little bag that was just the perfect size for several servings to go around. With so much cooking to do and so little time to get things done, I was impressed at how much flavor this shredded seaweed contributed to my dishes.

The YM Shredded Seaweed had the perfect amount of salt that enhanced the already-natural flavor of the seaweed. The light-but-crispy texture of the seaweed was mixed perfectly with the oil that was infused; making this a “ready to go snack” by itself. All in all, I would recommend this to be in everyone’s kitchen cabinet or cooking kit since it’s so easy to add-on to a variety of dishes!

I was told that the Shredded Seaweed was made with the same exact nori that is used for their other products, such as the YM Made in USA Half Sheets and Full. (You can find the links to their Amazon here). As this seaweed is already made and sold to hundreds of sushi restaurants across the country, the quality-grade was no different with their Shredded variant.

The shredded seaweed could be a perfect garnish or topping, adding a hint of saltiness to any dish or snack to eat. I added mine to some fried rice, and on the next day I added it to some cold noodles. You wouldn’t believe how great it went along together; there couldn’t be a better combination of flavor and crispiness!

For others that may be looking for some new ideas, here are some of my favorite suggestions I found online;

Having some ramen tonight? Add this to your noodles for an extra flavor boost~

If you have rice laying around, roll them up into rice balls and cover them with the Shredded Seaweed!

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the taste and experience. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend, family member, chef, or anyone that is looking for a

quick and easy way to add some flavor to their meals!

Now, it's your turn!

YM Seaweed for Hand Roll

Shop now for YM Shredded Seaweed, made fresh daily in NJ and loved by sushi chefs in thousands of restaurants in America! A perfect complement for vegan, paleo, and keto based diets with its iodine and potassium-rich contents. Get yours today, and make your own delicious and easy hand roll snack at home at the YM Shop!

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