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Made in USA Seaweed

We are the first and only seaweed factory on the East Coast​! Thousands of Sushi Chefs use our Premium seaweed across the US. We provide freshly roasted seaweed daily, with excellent quality control from our New Jersey factory.


Innovative Technology

Excellent quality control with state of the art roasting system has been satisfactory to all sushi chefs in over 40 States across the US.

"Breaking the Mold" National 2021 Award

We received the prestigious “Breaking the Mold Manufacturing Award” for the use of innovative technology and our pioneer spirit.

We Support Our Chefs!.png

The “Sushi Belt” Supporting our chefs one piece at a time.

To save the time and effort of our chefs, we developed a machine and special seaweed product.
We are the only company to provide this unique service to show our appreciation.

Interested in a Free Sample?

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