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The "Sushi Belt": Supporting our Chefs one piece at a time

Updated: May 31, 2022

At Route 66, we understand that as chefs, they are under pressure all hours of the day in order to provide the most beautiful works of art known as sushi. From California Rolls, Spicy Tuna, Sashimi, and more, they make it all. It takes some time of course, so what if we told them we can help speed up the process?

Attention to detail is the key to crafting Sushi but the most tedious. In support of our great Sushi chefs that use our product across the nation, we have developed something special just for them!

We introduce to you, the Sushi Belt!

This ‘belt’ can save those precious seconds if not minutes, while making various types of Nigiri Sushi. This type of sushi is held together by a one inch wide strip of seaweed that is then wrapped around the outside as pictured above. More often than not, Sushi Chefs must take a sheet of roasted seaweed and cut it to size in order to use it.

With this Sushi Belt, it will take away that extra hassle of having to cut the roasted seaweed sheet down to size. We love our chefs and thought this would be great to offer to them to make things more convenient. The machine used to make these adorable little belts was custom made for this purpose and imported to our factory to show how much we appreciate the hard work and loyalty to our roasted seaweed brand. To make this product even sweeter… It is all for FREE! There is no charge to our chefs. As a thank you for being so supportive of us and what we do, we want to support them in any way that we can because they deserve it. Our innovative technology will continue to grow, in turn, we will help our chefs grow alongside us with our new ideas to help them in their work.

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